K leos


Kleos is a peer-reviewed, open access (post)graduate journal that publishes original research papers in the fields of ancient history, classics and archaeology. Kleos also provides reviews of recent books, conferences and exhibitions. Published under the auspices of the Amsterdam Centre for Ancient Studies and Archaeology (ACASA), it primarily aims at offering (post)graduate students in the above-mentioned fields the opportunity to share their research, gain experience in publishing, and improve their scientific skills. Submissions by established scholars are also welcome. Kleos is issued online.

Kleos publishes several types of papers:

  1.  Research or theoretical papers within the scope of Kleos or the upcoming issue theme: 3000-4000 words (regular papers) or 2000-2500 short papers
  2.  Dialogue papers: 4000-6000 words by at least two authors. For example:
  • an opinion piece and one or more critical responses

  • critical review of a research paper and a response from the reviewed author

  • critical review of a research seminar presentation and a response from the reviewed author

      3. Letters to the Editor/Editorial: 400-800 words 
           (not peer-reviewed)

       4. Book reviews: 750-1500 words (not peer-reviewed)

For further information, readers are referred to kleosbulletin2.0@gmail.com