Best Paper Award

For the first time, Kleos bulletin will award the most downloaded paper with a "Best Paper Award". The best paper award aims to stimulate the dispersion and communication of academic knowledge and further the quality of student and young-academic papers. The name of the winner will be published on the Kleos website and associated social media. There is an honorarium for the best paper award. This is currently set at 250 Euros for the winning paper.

Best Paper Award Guidelines:

  1. The paper must be written by the author who submitted the first abstract or first draft of the paper. The paper can be a short/-long or a discussion article as described in the Kleos guidelines. 
  2. The paper may not have been published before in any other format and must have been published in the second issue of Kleos bulletin. Thus, excluding articles from previous issues or reprints of earlier drafts of papers. 
  3.  The author needs to have an page displaying his or her name and affiliations. The author needs to accept authorship of the paper that is posted on the Kleos page. 
  4.  Only downloads are counted, not online views. The downloads that count are from the Kleos academia site, Downloads will be made public so that authors and funding organisations can follow your progress. Downloads will be counted for a period of three months. The highest count will win! If there are two or more papers with the same number of downloads, the paper that has been bookmarked most will win. If two or more papers have the same number of bookmarks, Kleos editorial team will extend the period in which downloads will be counted for a month until there is a clear winner. 
  5. Let’s play fair.