Call for Papers


The deadline for submission of an abstract (±300 words) for a short paper or book review has been extended to October 15th 2016.

Kleos bulletin invites contributions on archaeological method, theory, and valorisation with regard to the history and archeology from Prehistoric to Early Modern Times. Kleos bulletin is a graduate journalism That encourages debate and presents research done by postgraduates, PhD candidates, as well as independent researchers in the fields of Northwest European, Mediterranean and Near Eastern archeology, and ancient history. The second issue of Kleos does not have a specific theme.


The deadline for submission of an abstract (300 words) is 24th June 2016.


The deadline for submission of a first draft is 30th August 2016.  


For the first time, Kleos Bulletin will award the most downloaded paper with a "Best Paper Award". The best paper award aims to stimulate the dispersion and communication of academic knowledge and further the quality of student and young-academic papers.  


The name of the winner will be published on the website and associated social media. There is an honorarium for the best paper award. This is currently set at 250 Euros for the winning paper.  


If you have any questions about the submission process, please send us an email.